Saturday, 21 December 2013

My Unforgettable Experience

            My name is Yadida Sibarani. I come from Medan. This time, I am studying in STAN. I’ll tell you an unforgettable experience of my life. A few weeks ago, I just followed the capacity building activities. Capacity Building was held at the Cibubur Campsite. This activity lasted for four days. There, my friends and I were trained by kopassus.

We were divided into several classes. Each class was not based on our class in campus. Members of the class consisted of variety of specialities. There were fourty classes. I was in class W-1. There were twenty four people in class W-1. We did a lot of activities and listened to any instructions there. When we heard the coach blow the whistle as much as two times, my friends and I said : “preparation!”. And if the coach blew the whistle so long, we would say: “Kumpul!”. That moment, we would run to the field and said: “Siswa Siswa”. Then, if the coach said: “who are you?”. We would answer: “STAN!”

Every morning at five o’clock, we did morning gymnastics. We also did other activities such as push-up, sit-up, crawling, rolling on the ground, creeping on our backs and other physical activities. The activities are so exhausting. Although, it was tiring but it was very fun and memorable. Because it was done with friends. Sleeping in a tent together despite the rain and dampness.

There, while eating, the food should be eaten within twenty counts. Although the food was tasty but it could not be savoured and could not be chewed. Our food should not have leftovers. How could it be finished within twenty counts? Well, I could do it. If we were not able to finish it, we could ask for the help of other friends.

I could get many benefits from the capacity Building activities. Here, I learned to help and appreciate each other. We learned to get to know one each other, time discipline, and the last we had to respect food. The capacity building activities had created a memorable experience. Sweet to be remembered, bitter to be repeated.

This experience is very impressive, isn’t it?

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